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then we can advise you and discuss the career you are aiming for so that you can see it all in context

Well you can discuss that with my colleague in a moment

liaise between you and discuss your concerns with them

Your department will discuss the planning stage of the dissertation

Are you sure that you are really fit to discuss things I have given you a serious shock by my unnecessarily dramatic reappearance

And now Watson let me see you in your old seat once more for there are several points which I should like to discuss with you

this week I'm going to discuss the luxury end of the market Let's consider the following scenario

He had clearly not imagined that men and women could discuss such deep feelings together.

I'm going to pay you well, and help you with your family, and we'll discuss it all this afternoon over a Christmas drink, Bob!

Either decide for yourself or sit down with your boss and discuss your goals and objectives until you are crystal clear about exactly what is expected of you and in what order of priority.

if you want me to believe you, then, of course, I believe you, but I have my orders, unless you tell me what you want to discuss I can take this matter no further,

I'd like to discuss with you the value of the English for Academic Purposes course you did here last year before starting your university course.

Hi Jun. As you know, I've asked you here today to discuss the future of our Self Access Centre.

OK, anyway that's great for now. We'll discuss it further when we've managed to

Hello, I'm Neil. And welcome to 6 Minute English, where we vigorously discuss a new topic and six related items of vocabulary.

Hello, I'm Catherine. Welcome to Six Minute English where we engage in some lively debate and discuss six stimulating items of vocabulary!

Hello, I'm Rob. Welcome to Six Minute English, where we get together to discuss an interesting topic along with six useful items of vocabulary to wrestle with.