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or they can make it a bit more humid if it's a dry inland city

It's really dangerous in dry areas, and you can easily bum priceless undiscovered material by doing so

I couldn't count how many times I've fallen down! Ellen, please ask a maid to find some dry clothes for me, and then I'll go on to the village

First, my dear young lady, I told her, you'll get warm and dry, and I'll put a bandage on that wound

So I walked across the moor, until I found a dry place to sleep, in the shelter of a small hill.

Finally they helped me upstairs to a bedroom, and I sank gratefully into a warm, dry bed.

They were thin and poorly dressed, with cold, mean eyes and dry, yellow skin, and their faces showed only a frightening and murderous hate.

The sandwiches were dry, but I ate them without thinking.

Mrs Danvers began to cry noisily, with her mouth open and her eyes dry.

But now he is hiding in the big dry ravine of the Waingunga.

The merchant was the proprietor of a dry goods shop,

And there is no one there to dry your tears

There will not be a dry thread left on the poor people who are out in this weather, he said.

Oh, it's quite dry and isn't damaged at all. The string is quite tight; I'll try it.

Then he flayed the horse, and let the hide dry in the wind, and put it in a sack and hung it over his shoulder, and went to the town to sell his horse's skin.

He could not relish the porridge, so he trod upon the sack, and the dry skin inside crackled quite loudly.

Little Claus gave the farmer his sack with the dry hide in it, and got in exchange a whole bushel of money, and that heaped up.

My throat is dry and burning. I feel as if I had fire and ice within me, and the air is so oppressive.

Then he scattered the dry leaves over the light earth with his foot,

He sat in a dry rolled up linden leaf, which had fallen from the tree on to the wicked man's head, as he was digging the grave.

The dry leaf fell out of his hair upon the counterpane; but he did not notice it, and went to get a little sleep during the early morning hours.

But the rose was faded; only a few dry leaves still clung to the green hedge behind it.

His wings were dry now, so they carried him to a great distance, till at last he reached a hothouse,

and there is very little of that to be found in the dahlias or the dry chrysanthemums;

Now, with up to a third of the planet estimated to be arid which means dry and unable to support crops

Arid describes land that is too dry to support many crops or plants.

And you know For you I'd bleed myself dry For you I'd bleed myself dry