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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

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OK Now we're standing at the entrance see it at the bottom

And I do need to tell you that there's a security entrance so you need to press the green button for someone to let you in

There are special excursion tickets which include entrance fees

you will see the entrance to the Mulberry Garden with its 500 year old tree

Now we've also put the entrance staff on the red team and you'll be stampimg the entrance tickets and giving out publicity leaflets OK

Those of you involved in distributing entrance tickets will be on the yellow team

There was the clatter of running feet upon the pavement and two policemen in uniform with one plain clothes detective rushed through the front entrance and into the room

Catherine looked eagerly towards the entrance to the room

but the blind man refused to hear of it, quite unnecessary, all he wanted was that someone might accompany him to the entrance of the building where he lived.

They had arrived at the entrance to the building,

The entrance to the tunnel is protected by huge doors. They are over one meter thick!

We do this there because our entrance is quite small and we really haven't got much room for briefing groups in the exhibition area

All these areas can be visited by the general public for almost all the year although please take note of the large signs at the entrance to each area which tell which tell you when certain areas are being used for particular controlled experiments and are therefore temporarily out of bounds to the public.

You find more information about this at the front entrance.

Each of the sections has its own seasonal calendar please consult the summary board at the main entrance.

Fatima appeared at the entrance to the tent.

They walked a bit farther among the palms, and then the boy left her at the entrance to her tent.

If you think of it, the whole system of public education around the world is a protracted process of university entrance.

As soon as they forced an entrance, they reclosed the door, to keep out the crowd, which collected very fast, notwithstanding the lateness of the hour.

It was also evident that, by exertion of a very unusual degree of activity and courage, an entrance into the window, from the rod, might have been thus effected.

She reached the entrance of the village, and saw the young laboring men and maidens standing together chatting, and her own mother amongst them.