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We've got a very exciting production of Peter Shaffer's Royal Hunt of the Sun which is currently touring the country

The idea of having their own hiding place indoors and near home had been exciting for both of them

The smell was so powerful and exciting that they shut the window worried that somebody outside would notice it and ask questions

At the furthest point of the trip, stop D, the most exciting place to visit is the new Entertainment Complex

so most of the exciting park space all around you was originally warehouses and storehouses

So I stayed outside, staring up at the moon and the stars with a beating heart, wishing and dreaming of a different, more exciting life.

It was a most wonderful, exciting story.

They were very exciting, because they move very fast.

And then, the most exciting moment of the day!

Oh, Madam, it's so exciting, she said. I'm looking forward to it so much.

I was someone more exciting and interesting than my usual self.

It was a wild, exciting journey

It is one of the most exciting places in the world.

Don t do anything exciting before you go to bed.

A shepherd always takes his chances with wolves and with drought, and that's what makes a shepherd's life exciting.

He thought of the merchant's daughter, and was sure that she had probably married. Perhaps to a baker, or to another shepherd who could read and could tell her exciting stories–after all, he probably wasn't the only one.

Well, that's quite a discovery! The thing is though, Catherine, what if there isn't anything exciting in your family history no mysteries, no skeletons in the closet

Well, I reckon if you go back far enough Neil, there's always something exciting or unexpected in anybody's family history.

The exciting event in Mike Williams history passed down through family lore which means knowledge passed on from one generation to the next

We're talking about hair which may be exciting for some, but definitely won't be scary.

Hair raising means scary often in an exciting way.