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the social contacts family and friends you could normally rely on for help All of this causes anxiety

There may be a huge amount of family pressure on you to succeed

Would you like to live with a family or do you think that a single person would be better for you

after our dinner at communal tables designed to make all our guests feel part of a family atmosphere

And Laurene and I have a wonderful family together

It means to make sure everything is buttoned up so that it will be as easy as possible for your family It means to say your goodbyes

particularly if your family is accompanying you

Hello my family and I are staying here in Terborch for a week or two

special family away day fares are available for this service now during the school holidays

Moving to Rosewood allowed the family to start a new life

The house and its grounds became the family haven and their escape to privacy and quiet

In this way the family had become part of the Thought Police

They are a very old family who have lived in that house for centuries, as you can see from their name on the stone over the front door

She stayed with the Linton family at Thrushcross Grange for five weeks, until Christmas

She has a miserable pale face, and weak blue eyes, just like your husband! But she will inherit the family wealth from him, won't she? That's true, replied Catherine

You, sir, he said to Heathcliff, are poisoning our family life

be it a family business or a multinational company

so I'd like to join a family as well

My name is Keiko Yuichini Could you spell your family name for me?

Okay Do you have any preference for a family with children or without children?

And he's all the family you've got! Don't worry, Ellen, replied Heathcliff with a smile

He hoped that, if Cathy married Linton, who would inherit the Linton fortune, she would at least be able to remain in her family home

I wanted to join the family circle, but Mrs Reed, my aunt, refused

When he married my mother, Miss Jane Reed of Gateshead, the Reed family were so angry that they disinherited her.

Gateshead and the Reed family seemed a long way away.

I learned this fact, continued the great man, from Mrs. Reed, the kind lady who took care of her after her parentsdeath and brought her up as a member of the family.

The Brocklehurst family stood up and moved slowly out of the schoolroom.

And so I told her the whole story of my lonely childhood with the Reed family, and of my terrible experience in the red room.

Oh yes, his family have always been respected here.

He may seem like that to a stranger. I'm so used to him that I never notice it. And he has had family troubles, you know.

But he has no family, I answered.

Well, there was a lot of bad feeling in the family.

The father was very fond of money, and wanted to keep the family property together, so the elder brother inherited most of it.

I don't know what happened, but I do know Mr. Edward (that's the master) quarrelled with his family.

Oh yes, he went off just after breakfast, to visit a family in a big house about sixteen miles away.

How could you imagine that a gentleman of family and wealth would love you, a plain little governess! Just look at yourself!

but was especially fascinated by the Ingram family.

Mr. Rochester himself knew she was not perfect, but he was clearly preparing to marry her, perhaps because she was of good family, perhaps for some other reason.

There were no preparations at Thornfield, and no visits to the Ingram family, who lived only a few miles away.

No trouble at all! In fact I've already heard of a very good job which would be just right for you, teaching the five daughters of an Irish family.

Once he murmured, No family! That's good. No family to interfere!

I'll send for my family jewels, which are kept in a London bank.

We had no friends or family to accompany us to the church.

Madness runs in her family, but they didn't tell me that.

‘Well, he hated the idea of dividing the family property, so he left it all to my elder brother.

And and you have no family to offend by living with me!

As I was recovering, Hannah, the housekeeper, came to sit with me, and told me all about the family.

I told them only that, after attending Lowood school, I became a governess in a wealthy family, where an unfortunate event, not in any way my fault, caused me to run away.

I thought about it for a moment. It was not as good as being a governess in an important family,

The next day the Rivers family returned to their separate places of work, and I moved to the cottage in Morton.

When I discovered that Miss Oliver's father greatly admired the Rivers family,

She also fell in love with him, and married him, against the advice of all her family.

You already have sisters and don't need any more family.

The family I now had, the people who had saved me from starvation, I could now help them.

When Bob had closed the office, he ran home to his family in Camden Town as quickly as possible.

Scrooge and the spirit watched as the family sat down to eat.

It's the best chicken I've ever tasted, said Bob, smiling round at his family, who, with their mouths full, all agreed.

Nobody said that it was a very small pudding for a large family. Nobody even thought it.

but only three people could drink at the same time, because the family only owned two glasses and a cup.

The family repeated his wish, and Tiny Tim said, last of all, God bless us every one!

They were not a good looking or a well dressed family, but they were happy and grateful and loved each other.

The ghost was delighted to see all this excitement, and made sure that he lifted his torch over every poor family, to give them more fun, and better food, and greater happiness.

Here every man, although many miles from home, had a kind word for his friend, or thought warmly of his family, because it was Christmas.

How sad, thought Scrooge, to die with no friends or family around him!

I'm going to pay you well, and help you with your family, and we'll discuss it all this afternoon over a Christmas drink, Bob!

Mr Lorry, who had become a close family friend, came regularly to the house, and in the months after the trial, Mr Darnay and Mr Carton were also frequent visitors.

Unfortunately, our family no longer has the power that it once had.

Possibly. For the good of our family.

The name of our family is hated everywhere in France.

Once again, he was a prisoner in the Bastille, without friends or family, without even a name of his own.

Yes, all of them. The castle and all of the family of Evremonde.

Dr Manette had continued in good health, and at the centre of that warm family circle was always Lucie a loving daughter, wife, mother, and a kind hearted friend.

Even Sydney Carton, though his old, bad ways were unchanged, was a family friend and very much a favourite with little Lucie.

You talk about your lovely wife at the same time as you talk about going to France. You must not go. Your life is here, with your family.

Charles is in Paris, cried Lucie. He came to help an old family servant. But he's been taken to prison.

In the morning Mr Lorry found rooms for Lucie and her family in a quiet street near the bank.

While this was happening, Miss Pross was out shopping for the family.

Marquis, he said loudly, I call for you and your brother, and all your family, now and in the future, to pay for what you have done. Then he fell back, dead.

these brothers have sent me no news of my family.

Not until they are all dead, every one of that family, said his wife.

And it was my family that suffered so much from the Evremonde brothers.

Even then I did not know that it was my family that had been so cruel to him.

But Madame Defarge knew that Miss Pross was a true friend of the Doctor's family, and Miss Pross knew that Madame Defarge was the family's enemy.

I work for her. I have to, I need the money. I have no family and there is nothing else I can do.

Forget everything I told you. Let's start again. My family always call me Maxim. I'd like you to call me that too.

His family called him Maxim. Rebecca had called him Max.

I soon get tired of my family, Maxim said.

Her family lived near Manderley, but she had never known Rebecca.

Soon they went away, and there were only Akela, Bagheera, Baloo, and Mowgli's wolf family left

Is there, or has there ever been any case of blindness in your family,

His parents had wanted him to become a priest, and thereby a source of pride for a simple farm family.

One afternoon, on a visit to his family, he had summoned up the courage to tell his father that he didn't want to become a priest. That he wanted to travel.

All these visitors mean we have had to expand our operation and it's now a truly family concern.

Makkonen is 32. She was born and raised in the US state of Maryland, but her family is originally from Ethiopia.

Makkonen's family and friends support her however they can.

A recent report from Childcare Aware of America said the average cost of sending an infant to a childcare center in the US is more than a family would spend on average on food for an entire year.

she needed a place that could provide additional support for her family.

She says people with children must understand that going to school and raising a family at the same time requires sacrifices.

The judiciary spokesman said Amiri's family mistakenly believed that he was serving a 10 year prison sentence.

And a family runs from day to day,

This young gentleman was of an excellent indeed of an illustrious family,

I was deeply interested in the little family history which he detailed to me with all that candor which a Frenchman indulges whenever mere self is his theme.

The Mother Duck went down to the canal with all her family.

But that is nothing to us, so long as you do not marry into our family.

The following Sunday, when the family was going to church, they asked her whether she would not go with them;

The family went to hear the word of God; but she went alone into her little chamber

She sate in the pew with the clergyman's family, and when they had ended the psalm and looked up, they nodded and said, It is right that thou art come!

The botanical professor wrote a long treatise about the heavenly plant, and for this he was loaded with gold, which improved the position of himself and his family.

There were five brothers, all of the finger family.

Oh, said the other beetles, this fellow that we have received into our family is nothing but a complete vagabond.

The lime blossoms, too small, and besides, there was such a large family of them.

The Fantastic Four was a family and they bickered and fought and Reed and Sue were a couple,

Don't be silly, Neil. I think I'd know if you were in my family.

or the study of family history. And I think it's pretty fascinating stuff.

You know, where celebrities find out about their family history? Yeah, I've seen a couple of them.

Well, that's quite a discovery! The thing is though, Catherine, what if there isn't anything exciting in your family history no mysteries, no skeletons in the closet

Well, I reckon if you go back far enough Neil, there's always something exciting or unexpected in anybody's family history.

Researching family history often involves reading old documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates,

Well, Catherine, we all love a good mystery story especially if it's connected with our own family.

BBC presenter Mike Williams investigated his own family history.

Michael Heino, or Michel Heino, who, the family lore has it, jumped ship and ended up in Liverpool.

So Mike Williams's great grandfather appeared on the 1911 census for England and Wales but because of his surname the family think he might originally have come from Finland.

The exciting event in Mike Williams history passed down through family lore which means knowledge passed on from one generation to the next

I suppose quite a few people have immigration stories in their family histories sometimes without knowing it.

genealogy roots skeletons in the closet decipher census family lore descended from

So, what happens to the skeleton? It gets ground up into dust and put in a jar to give to the family exactly the same as a traditional cremation.

It was a large family, nine brothers and sisters, and his father was a working man.

And we had a very close friend of the family come as Beetlejuice which was absolutely amazing. He really did go all out for that.

A close family relative dressed as Beetlejuice Did he dress as a squashed insect, Neil? I'm a bit confused here!

Oh Yes, I like the thought of my friends and family saying their final goodbyes to me on a beach

Doctor Kyle Sue, an assistant professor of family medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada,

The stock market fluctuates. But my love for my family never does.