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Today we're going to look at one of my favorite fish the shark

Sharks are rather large fish often growing to over ten meters and the longest sharks caught in Australia have reached sixteen meters

Sharks have a different structure to most fish instead of a skeleton made of bone

Unlike other fish sharks have to keep swimming if they want to stay at a particular depth

Sharks are rather large fish often growing to over ten meters and the longest sharks caught in Australia have reached sixteen meters

Would that help with preserving fish stocks

He was dressed like a boy, but his face was very like a fish, Alice thought.

The Fish Boy knocked at the door, and a second later a large plate came flying out of an open window.

A letter for the Duchess, the Fish Boy shouted.

I watched the fish in the stream, too.

Now go away, fish killer, eater of cubs! Go! Shere Khan went

He learnt to climb trees like a monkey, to swim in the rivers like a fish, and to hunt for his food as cleverly as any animal in the jungle

But they say bad things about you, and call you old yellow fish, I hear

Even though the word fish is in their name, jellyfish are not really fish at all.

When they do, they damage the nets and kill the other fish.

This could hurt fish and plants in the lagoon.

These two small rectangular shapes here are the Fish Farms where we rear fish for sale.

For example, we know from the Dynamic paintings that over 8000 years ago, Aborigines would have rarely eaten fish and sea levels were much lower at this time.

In fact, fish didn't start to appear in paintings until the Yam period along with shells and other marine images.

Then the paper boat fell to pieces, and the soldier sank into the water and immediately afterwards was swallowed up by a great fish.

The fish swam to and fro, making the most wonderful movements, but at last he became quite still.

The fish had been caught, taken to the market and sold to the cook, who took him into the kitchen and cut him open with a large knife.

They were all anxious to see this wonderful soldier who had travelled about inside a fish; but he was not at all proud.

There was a great table, with the cloth laid, and wine and roast meat and a glorious fish upon it.

She was filling his glass, and he was digging his fork into the fish, for that was his favorite dish.

but Little Claus could not help thinking of the capital roast meat, fish, and cake, which he knew were in the oven.

He says we are not to eat porridge, for he has conjured the oven full of roast meat, fish, and cake.

The woman dared not say anything, but put the things at once on the table; and so they both ate of the meat, the fish, and the cake.

Well, a mermaid is a creature that's similar in appearance to a woman but instead of legs, a mermaid has the tail of a fish.

You're telling me fish tales, Dan! Ok. I'll confess. They aren't real mermaids.

A real, real mermaid? That's a different kettle of fish, which is an idiomatic phrase that means a completely different matter or issue.

The next one after that was a different kettle of fish.

A different kettle of fish is an idiomatic phrase which means a completely different matter or issue.

Olive oil; oily fish, full of omega 3, which is really good for the brain;

Lots of oily fish, olive oil, grains, fruits and vegetables. And of course, add in plenty of fermented food too.

It's a tricky one, isn't it? I think my Saturdays spend stacking shelves and serving fish n chips taught me valuable lessons about working with adults and also managing my money.

I had a Saturday job in a supermarket and also in a fish n chips shop but it wasn't always on a Saturday.