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Flat one five three nine forest Road Canterbury And the post code is two o three six

Before the cereal crops could be planted it would have been necessary to clear the forest and to break the ground by ploughing

In front of his eyes a forest of fingers seemed to be moving in a kind of dance

set in a small forest by a lake and that's Day Six, the highlight for many

Then further east in the largest section of our Park is the Forest Area.

For the second in our series about locally run businesses, we meet Simon Winridge, co founder of the hugely successful Winridge Forest Railway Park.

The life of a child is more than a forest, The life of a child is more than a border, Could ever be;

The life of a child is more than a forest,

The leaves in the forest turned yellow and brown;

When spring came, the plant appeared in full bloom: a more beautiful object than any other plant in the forest.

There passed through the forest a poor innocent girl; her heart was pure, and her understanding increased by her faith.

In the forest the wonderful plant still continued to bloom till it grew and became almost a tree,

And the black forest snails actually spat at the flower.

and that it was a plant of heavenly origin which grew in the forest in the king's own dominions.

Then said the swineherd, I am afraid I carried this plant away from the forest in my bundle, and it has been burnt to ashes long ago.

I can see and hear, it thought; the sun shines upon me, and the forest kisses me. How rich I am!

a poorly clad woman, who picked up wood in the forest.

Then he would say he had been out, yet he knew nothing of the green forest in its spring verdure,

Far down in the forest, where the warm sun and the fresh air made a sweet resting place, grew a pretty little fir tree;

Then they were placed upon wagons, and drawn by horses out of the forest.

some even smaller and younger than the fir tree who enjoyed neither rest nor peace with longing to leave its forest home.

These young trees, which were chosen for their beauty, kept their branches, and were also laid on wagons and drawn by horses out of the forest.

But the tree would not rejoice, though it grew taller every day; and, winter and summer, its dark green foliage might be seen in the forest, while passers by would say, What a beautiful tree!

conscious of pain and faintness, and forgetting all its anticipations of happiness, in sorrow at leaving its home in the forest.

Will the trees of the forest come to see me?

never had the birds in the forest told such tales as Humpty Dumpty, who fell down stairs, and yet married a princess.

How pleasant it was out in the forest while the snow lay on the ground,

I am not old at all, replied the tree, I only came from the forest this winter, I am now checked in my growth.

And the fir tree thought of the pretty little birch tree that grew in the forest, which was to him a real beautiful princess.

It thought of its fresh youth in the forest, of the merry Christmas evening, and of the little mice who had listened to the story of Humpty Dumpty.

But at each pop, which was a deep sigh, the tree was thinking of a summer day in the forest;

In the US they use four million acres of forest every year just to make coffins.