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usually put up in a green space or car park rather than in a theatre or stadium

20 Green Banks

Is that Green spelled as in the color

and a lot of that is imported so more green glass is recycled than the UK needs

As a result new uses are being developed for recycled glass particularly green glass

The first thing people will see when they go in is that the foyer has been repainted in the original green and gold

And I do need to tell you that there's a security entrance so you need to press the green button for someone to let you in

the green team the red team and the yellow team

Those who will be monitoring and directing the traffic in the car parks are on the green team

so you 'II need to get a green Tshirt

But I struggled upward and at last I reached a ledge several feet deep and covered with soft green moss where I could lie unseen in the most perfect comfort

In the kitchen the sink was full of dirty green water

There are four main stopping points from west to east: stop A Green Banks, stop B City Bridge, stop C Roman Landing and stop D Newtown

It was the middle of summer, and every day the sun shone on the green fields, the white, baked roads, and the cool, dark woods.

So she lay on the floor and looked through the open door, into a beautiful garden with green trees and bright flowers.

A minute later her head was as high as the tallest tree in the wood, and she was looking at a sea of green leaves.

When she was down to about thirty centimetres high, she walked through the door, and then, at last, she was in the beautiful garden with its green trees and bright flowers.

In the morning, hundreds of birds sang in the trees, and everything outside the house was green.

The walls were covered with bright green leaves, and there was a good fire burning in the fireplace.

But he could see that its body was dressed in a long green robe, its long brown hair fell freely down its back, and its face wore a warm and friendly smile.

Yes, my dear. You'd love to see it. It's a beautiful green place.

Smooth green lawns surrounded tbe house.

Below me I could see green lawns and the sea. The sea was bright green, with white, topped waves.

We walked on last year's leaves. The green shoots of flowers were beginning to show through.

In the bay was a green and white buoy, but no boat.

The white and green buoy was still there.

The sun shone on something metal in the drive. A green sports car was parked there.

There was Giles in his white Arab costume. Beatrice was wearing a long green dress. Frank was dressed as a sailor.

Have you been with the Bandar log, the Monkey People? Mowgli could hear that Baloo was angry, and he saw too that Bagheera's green eyes were cold and hard

At the pedestrian crossing the sign of a green man lit up.

The green light came on at last, the cars moved off briskly, but then it became clear that not all of them were equally quick off the mark.

He was most careful to obey the traffic lights, under no circumstances to go when the light was red, to respect the amber light, to wait patiently for the green light to come on.

He then started to regulate the speed of the car to ensure that he always had a green light before him,

Welcome to Green Vale Agricultural Park.

He always enjoyed seeing the happiness that the travelers experienced when, after weeks of yellow sand and blue sky, they first saw the green of the date palms.

Because for him, you are a green field, from which he always returns with game.

Zaza's green dress.

I'm your host Dave Green and this is your very own local radio programme.

You know, not green or anything like that. And we don't supply those. That's okay, I've got trousers, I'd just have to buy a couple of shirts.

Okay. Well, there's Doctor Green at The Harvey Clinic.

Thousands of tapers were burning upon the green branches, and colored pictures, like those she had seen in the show windows, looked down upon it all.

it was summer; the cornfields were yellow, the oats were green,

the hay had been put up in stacks in the green meadows,

looking all round them under the green leaves;

and the mother let them look as much as they chose, for green is good for the eye.

The next day it was bright, beautiful weather; the sun shone on all the green trees.

where the elder trees smelt sweet, and bent their long green branches down to the canal that wound through the region.

but he no longer carried the sharp sword, but in its stead a splendid green spray, full of roses.

The girl stood still before the wonderful plant, for the green leaves exhaled a sweet and refreshing fragrance,

She knew it would so soon fade; so she took only a single green leaf, carried it home, and laid it in her Bible,

where it remained ever green, fresh, and unfading.

and the green hills and meadows of home, with its ruddy woods, lay spread around him in the quiet sunshine of a lovely autumn day.

The red hips gleamed on the hedges, and the starling which hung in the green cage outside the window of the peasant's hut, which was his home, whistled the tune which he had taught him.

His grandmother hung green birdsfood around the cage, as he, her grandson, had been accustomed to do.

Upon that I fell; and immediately the sack was opened, and the loveliest maiden, with snow white garments and a green wreath upon her wet hair, took me by the hand, and said, Are you come, Little Claus?

close by was a ditch, on its fresh green bank grew a little daisy;

it sat on its thin green stalk and learnt from the sun and from its surroundings how kind God is,

It sang of the happy days when it could merrily fly about, of fresh green corn in the fields, and of the time when it could soar almost up to the clouds.

Alas! I must die, and part with the warm sunshine, the fresh green meadows, and all the beauty that God has created.

Each little blade of grass shall be a green tree for me, each of your white petals a fragrant flower.

the bird noticed it, although it was dying with thirst, and in its pain tore up the green blades of grass, but did not touch the flower.

Then she pushed a green leaf, or a little scrap of paper towards their feet,

Then he would say he had been out, yet he knew nothing of the green forest in its spring verdure,

till a neighbor's son brought him a green bough from a beech tree.

The tree bends for ward slightly, and the branches hang quite down to the ground just like green hair.

The branches of the old willow tree rustled in the wind, and large water drops fell from his green leaves as if the old willow were weeping.

But the rose was faded; only a few dry leaves still clung to the green hedge behind it.

and beneath them what a profusion of luxuriant green, and of flowers red like flame, yellow as amber, or white as new fallen snow!

There were once five peas in one shell, they were green,

the shell was green, and so they believed that the whole world must be green also, which was a very natural conclusion.

Mother, she exclaimed, what can that little green thing be that peeps in at the window? It is moving in the wind.

Oh! she said, there is actually a little pea which has taken root and is putting out its green leaves.

But she propped up with the little stick the green plant which had given her child such pleasant hopes of life, so that it might not be broken by the winds;

But the tree would not rejoice, though it grew taller every day; and, winter and summer, its dark green foliage might be seen in the forest, while passers by would say, What a beautiful tree!

but green baize hung all around it, so that no one could see it was a tub, and it stood on a very handsome carpet.

Dolls, exactly like real babies, were placed under the green leaves,

It trembled so with joy in all its branches, that one of the candles fell among the green leaves and burnt some of them.

Now we shall be in the green shade, said the man, as he seated himself under it,

His hands clasped themselves over his capacious paunch, his eyes blinked, as if he would have liked to reply kindly to these blandishments (she was seductive but a little nervous) but could not, sunk as he was in a grey green somnolence which embraced them all, without need of words, in a vast and benevolent lethargy of well wishing;

For the great plateful of blue water was before her; the hoary Lighthouse, distant, austere, in the midst; and on the right, as far as the eye could see, fading and falling, in soft low pleats, the green sand dunes with the wild flowing grasses on them, which always seemed to be running away into some moon country, uninhabited of men.

She paused a moment. But now, she said, artists had come here. There indeed, only a few paces off, stood one of them, in Panama hat and yellow boots, seriously, softly, absorbedly, for all that he was watched by ten little boys, with an air of profound contentment on his round red face gazing, and then, when he had gazed, dipping; imbuing the tip of his brush in some soft mound of green or pink.

Since Mr Paunceforte had been there, three years before, all the pictures were like that, she said, green and grey, with lemon coloured sailing boats, and pink women on the beach.

red for high levels of sugar, salt or fat orange for medium, and green for low.