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Initiatives such as this can give women the economic skills and knowledge they need fo r a comfortable independent retirement

Let me say to that public which has shown some interest in those glimpses which I have occasionally given them of the thoughts and actions of a very remarkable man that they are not to blame me if I have not shared my knowledge with them for I should have considered it my first duty to do so had I not been barred by a positive prohibition from his own lips which was only withdrawn upon the third of last month

I have some knowledge however of baritsu or the Japanese system of wrestling which has more than once been very useful to me

Holmes's knowledge of the byways of London was extraordinary and on this occasion he passed rapidly and with an assured step through a network of mews and stables the very existence of which I had never known

All good things in the world of Oceania today all knowledge all happiness come from Big Brother

I shall carry with me into the darkest corners of the world knowledge, peace, freedom, religion, the hope of heaven!

Depending upon your level of knowledge and experience, these ideas may sound familiar.

He says There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it.

studying this subject is important because without geographical knowledge, we would know very little about our surroundings and we wouldn't be able to identify all the problems that relate to them.

Who knows, maybe they had failed to discover the secret of the Master Work–the Philosopher's Stone–and for this reason kept their knowledge to themselves.

You'll use your knowledge for the welfare of the oasis and its inhabitants.

The goal, then, is to utilise existing knowledge and not to generate new knowledge.

It seems that most large industries are trying to repeat their own successes, and manage the knowledge they've acquired

Managers who want to apply existing knowledge typically start off by going to an expert

The necessary knowledge is that of what to observe.

He boasted to me, with a low chuckling laugh, that most men, in respect to himself, wore windows in their bosoms, and was wont to follow up such assertions by direct and very startling proofs of his intimate knowledge of my own.

In fact, as regards the more important knowledge, I do believe that she is invariably superficial.

The Spaniard is surethat it was that of an Englishman, but judges by the intonation altogether, as he has no knowledge of the English.

I am not sure to what limit his knowledge may extend.

And now the professor of botany presented himself, one who could explain his knowledge in black and white.

The exciting event in Mike Williams history passed down through family lore which means knowledge passed on from one generation to the next

being very good at taking up new medical knowledge technology and using it

So, basically, good diet, using new medical technology and knowledge, and being more equitable or fair and impartial in society.

An educated guess is based on knowledge and experience and is therefore likely to be correct.

You see, my educated guess was based on knowledge and experience! Or maybe you were just lucky.