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lf you require language lessons then they are available from the International Centre next to the Law Department

If I am in the hands of the law let things be done in a legal way

And he could see the Ministry of Love Miniluv which was responsible for law and order

But there is no law and there are no rules

His cleverness and his hard work in the law only made others, like Mr Stryver, successful and rich.

Dr Manette told the Tribunal that he had been a prisoner in the Bastille for eighteen years, and that his son in law was now a prisoner in La Force.

She lived every moment in great fear, but her father was sure that he could save his sonin law.

Charles Evremonde, you are an emigrant. All emigrants must die. That is the new law of France. Kill him! shouted the people.

No, not in the meaning of the law, replied Darnay. I earn my own living in England.

By the Law of the Jungle he must tell us first, before he comes here to hunt

The Law of the Jungle says that animals must not hunt man, because man killing brings men with guns

But what will the other wolves of the Pack say? By the Law of the Jungle all wolf cubs must come to the Pack when they can walk

His job is to teach the Law of the Jungle to the wolf cubs

The Law of the Jungle says it is possible to buy the life of a cub

I have taught you the Law for all the Jungle People, but not for the Monkey People

The Bandar log have no Law and their ways are not our ways

The Law of the Jungle says we must punish you, said Bagheera.

Baloo was happy that Mowgli was safe and with them again, but he could not speak against the Law.

One of the good things about Jungle Law is that, after you are punished, the matter is finished.

In 1972, a law called Title IX was made in America.

The Law of the Jungle says that you can kill me now, but the Law also says that you must come one by one.

He was a devout man, and, even with all his impatience, he wanted to live his life in accordance with Muslim law.

That was the law of hospitality.

The Texas law gives people 21 and older permission to carry concealed handguns into buildings at state financed colleges.

The law took effect on the same day the University of Texas marked the 50th anniversary of the first mass shooting at an American college campus.

Supporters of the new Texas law say it will save lives by giving people the right to use their own guns to stop a shooter before police arrive.

Opponents said the gun law might make things worse.

Under the new law, people are permitted to carry guns into college buildings, classrooms and student housing.

Under the state law, private colleges can choose whether or not to permit concealed guns.

US defense, intelligence and law enforcement officials have long worried about the Russian government's possible cyber activities.

You will say, no doubt, using the language of the law, that to make out my case,

This may be the practice in law, but it is not the usage of reason.

One must be able to adapt one's self to time and circumstances, and if there is a law that the maiden is to be called hand rammer,

b Think and Grow Rich c The Law of Attraction.