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I've been to the library several times and all the books are out

I saw a book in the departmental library that'll be helpful it's called

Our second area of interest was obviously the facilities there was minimal interest in having a library on the premises

Good morning North College Library How can I help you

Well you'll need to come in to the library and fill out some forms

it's more expensive than I thought My local library is free

you will probably need some sort of guidance to help you to use the library effectively to study and research

So in this first week we run a series of talks which focus on different aspects of the library and its resources

You'll also find that to get the most out of the library you really do need to be computer literate

Many students do most of their research on the internet and the library computers are permanently online

You'll also find that the library has loaded several CD ROMS onto the computers from specialist reference sources such as the MLA

Some of you may be interested to know that the library is offering specialised training sessions on writing a dissertation

And presumably the college library stocks newspapers and journals as well as books

Your best bet is to leave your car at the back of the library on a Saturday morning there are plenty of spaces there

The bookshop said it was out of print and the library doesn't have a copy

What I suggest you do is try the library again this time apply for it through the service called special loans

Do I have to come to the library to do that

We'll need your full name your borrower number and the name of the site library you borrowed the items from

Mr Edgar spent his time in the library, and did not ask about his wife

Edgar doesn't love me at all! What is he doing all this time, Ellen? He's reading books in the library, madam, I answered

I suppose you need a bit more than your normal winter coat! Yes, exactly and then there's also the specialist library and mapping services

Ah, here it is! No, it's in the Library, not the Lab

I taught her for several hours every day in the library, although it was not easy to make her concentrate on anything for long, as she was clearly not used to the discipline of lessons.

Go and play a tune on the piano in the library.

Miss Ingram, as usual, was first, and spent fifteen minutes alone with the old woman in the library.

She was sitting in an armchair in the library, murmuring words over a little black book.

So I did, and, leaving the two men in the library, went to bed.

Well, Jane, what is it? he asked, when we had left the room full of guests and gone into the library.

He took me in his arms and carried me downstairs to the library, where he put me in front of the fire, and gave me a glass of wine.

Maxim noticed nothing. He thanked Mrs Danvers quickly and took me into the library for tea. We were alone at last.

The library was a large comfortable room. Its walls were covered with books from the floor to the ceiling.

After dinner, we sat in the library. The curtains were drawn and more logs put on the fire.

I finished my breakfast alone. I left the dining, room and went into the library.

I thought I would light the fire in the library. It's rather cold in there.

The fire in the library is not usually lit until the afternoon, Madam, he said.

There is a good fire in there. Of course, I can give orders for the fire in the library to be lit.

The moming, room was quite small and very different from the library.

We want tea at once, said Maxim. Then he went quickly into the library and shut the door.

I put the handkerchief in my pocket and walked slowly across the hall to the library.

I sat in the library after my visitor had gone.

I decided to put my new books in the library and I said nothing about the cupid.

The following day, after lunch, Frith brought our coffee to the library as usual.

I heard Mrs Danvers say, I expect she went into the library. Wait here while I go and see.

As I walked towards the library, I heard the sound of voices.

Mrs Danvers came out of the library. She shut the door and walked up the stairs.

I waited a moment and then went downstairs and into the library.

I went into the small room behind the library and picked up the telephone.

I went through the house and into the library. Jasper was not there. He must have gone out with Maxim.

Captain Searle came into the library about fifteen minutes later.

I sat down. I must not fail Maxim now. I sat on the terrace until I heard Captain Searle's car drive away. Then I stood up and walked slowly back to the library.

It was very quiet in the library. When people have a great shock, they feel nothing at first.

The library was very quiet. We sat there together for some minutes without saying anything.

The telephone began to ring again. Maxim answered it quickly and came back into the library.

After dinner, we went back into the library as usual. I sat at Maxim's feet, my head against his knees.

I heard thunder in the distance. A few drops of rain began to fall. I went downstairs and sat with Jasper in the library.

It was quiet in the library. I thought about the church where Rebecca was being buried at last.

We were taken by surprise when Frith brought the magistrate into the library.

Really? I felt just like your secretary Sorry! I went into the library this afternoon to have a look at a newspaper and I came across something really interesting.

They're really good. They had a video with all the highlights of the festival at a stand in the lobby to the library, so I heard them

Under a single roof it houses concert rooms, theatres, cinemas, art galleries and a wonderful public library, as well as service facilities including three restaurants and a bookshop.

Yes. The nearest one would probably be just beside the Library.

Some of us also think that we could benefit a lot more by relocating the Self Access Centre to the main University library building.

Well, the library is big enough to incorporate the Self Access Centre, but it wouldn't be like a class activity anymore.

Students meet him in the library, pick out a book and sit down on the carpet.

Our first meeting was at an obscure library in the Rue Montmartre, where the accident of our both being in search of the same very rare and very remarkable volume, brought us into closer communion.