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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

Enter Your word:

Ah here's the waitress Let's order Do you want anything to eat or shall we just have a drink

In order to deal with all calls effectively we offer you a number of options

My doctor advised me to go home and get my affairs in order which is doctor's code for prepare to die

for their children's education and they are also more likely to save up in order to buy a house one day

But in order to continue operating we need to have a constant supply of bikes which we send out every six months

As to Mycroft I had to confide in him in order to obtain the money which I needed

An admirable and unique weapon said he noiseless and of tremendous power I knew Von Herder the blind German mechanic who constructed it to the order of the late Professor Moriarty

Are you willing to kill yourselves if we order you to do so Yes

Do not move until we order you to

He was strong and healthy, but a man must eat in order to live

So I obeyed John's order and approached his armchair, thinking how very ugly his face was

Miss Scatcherd gave an order. Burns left the room and returned, carrying a stick.

He was about to open the door, when suddenly I called, Stop! Why did Mr. Briggs write to you in order to find me?

Scrooge kept his office door open, in order to check that his clerk, Bob Cratchit, was working.

A light was kept burning at the top, in order to warn sailors to keep away from the dangerous rocks.

We talk about anything in order to forget the past.

I went over and opened the desk carefully. Every drawer was labelled and everything was in order.

I crossed everything out and rang for Robert. Tell Mrs Danvers to order something different, I told him.

De Winter will have to say that the body in the boat was the late Mrs de Winter. Then the boat, builder will say that the boat was in good order when he last saw it.

All together, these twenty one ideas represent a smorgasbord of personal effectiveness techniques that you can use at any time, in any order or sequence that makes sense to you at the moment.

so in order to avoid the discomfort of dragging himself from one seat to the other with the brake and steering wheel in the way, the blind man had to get out before the car was parked.

A major reason for procrastination and lack of motivation is vagueness, confusion and fuzzy mindedness about what you are supposed to do, and in what order and for what reason.

Either decide for yourself or sit down with your boss and discuss your goals and objectives until you are crystal clear about exactly what is expected of you and in what order of priority.

even if, in order to ensure this, he had to increase the speed or, on the contrary, to reduce it to the extent of irritating the drivers behind him.

an order, moreover, the doctor had not as yet given, and the man even found it amusing, something different.

Scientists warned that Fargo would need over 1 million sandbags in order to stop the water.

Certainly I will need to do more far reaching research than I had anticipated in order to establish if people want extra medical staff invested in the community

It's hard not to get angry in that situation but I tried to keep focused on the overall picture in order to stay calm

In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens.

the mysterious chain that links one thing to another, the same chain that had caused him to become a shepherd, that had caused his recurring dream, that had brought him to a city near Africa, to find a king, and to be robbed in order to meet a crystal merchant, and…

Can't you just observe men and omens in order to understand the language? the boy asked.

Because my friend here has traveled for many months in order to meet with him, the boy said.

Where was the enemy's sword? Where was his horse? What kind of blow should one deliver next in order to remain alive?

Fatima is a woman of the desert, said the alchemist. She knows that men have to go away in order to return. And she already has her treasure: it's you. Now she expects that you will find what it is you're looking for.

They went on for a week, speaking only of the precautions they needed to follow in order to avoid the battles between the tribes.

In order to address the traffic problems, the pavements on the comer of Carberry and Thomas Street will be widened.

They use so many colloquialisms, they're not very polite and sometimes there seems to be no order in their discussion.

Students in the American state of Virginia will soon be able to order burritos carried by unmanned aircraft.

After the students place their order, the burritos will be made at a food truck and loaded onto a drone.

and men of the highest order of intellect have been known to take an apparently unaccountable delight in it, while eschewing chess as frivolous.

the counting of the tricks, with the order of their arrangement; embarrassment, hesitation, eagerness or trepidation all afford, to his apparently intuitive perception, indications of the true state of affairs.

Many, many years ago lived an emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money in order to obtain them;

The peonies puffed themselves up in order to be larger than the roses, but size is not everything!

But actually, I know people who moved to London in order to be anonymous to blend in with the crowd and not have to talk to people!

Yes and he says it's the perfect getaway, which is a place you go in order to escape from normal life.

And finally we had a getaway. A getaway is an informal word meaning a place you go in order to escape from normal life, such as a holiday.

So, a survival mechanism is something the body does automatically in order to survive.

For example, what two things do most people need in order to be buried?

And an algorithm, by the way, is a set of steps a computer follows in order to solve a problem.

Number two an algorithm is a set of steps a computer follows in order to solve a problem.

And reroute means to change the direction you're travelling in, in order to reach a particular destination.

Next up is work out which means to exercise in order to improve your health and fitness.

In order to work, they need a permit from the local authority and our data shows the number being issued has fallen