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20 percent of your products or services will account for 80 percent of your profits.

Enough to buy himself a hundred and twenty sheep, a return ticket, and a license to import products from Africa into his own country.

You usually find it where the market for the company's product is extremely competitive, or where the products themselves have a short life span.

They looked at foods which are high in good bacteria a claim which more and more food products are making these days.

We're talking about meat here. If people cut out meat and animal products from their diets harmful emissions could be reduced by 70 percent.

And if you eat no meat or animal products you're what we call vegan.

so if you become vegan for ethical reasons, you do it because you think it's wrong to eat or use animal products.

Yeah. And we don't see electrical products as an investment in the same way that people used to.

And also he says we've become so used to cheap products that we don't want to spend more on good quality.

So what's to be done? Cooper suggests that if we can afford it, we really should try to buy higher quality products.

And manufacturers should put labels on their products saying how long they are designed to last.

Some food products have colour coding on the packaging to help you understand the information, don't they?

I'd probably think maybe a couple of teaspoonfuls, you know, it's quite surprising how much is sugars in all these products, isn't there?

and show customers where products are if they need to know.