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I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood

Training sessions will be held in King's Park on Wednesday afternoons for the juniors and they will be wearing red shirts again this year

don't press the red button please but don't worry it's all clearly lapelled

the green team the red team and the yellow team

you will be on the red team

Now we've also put the entrance staff on the red team and you'll be stampimg the entrance tickets and giving out publicity leaflets OK

and you will be in the red team so please collect a red Tshirt

His hair was fair and the skin on his face which used to be pink was red and rough from cheap soap old razor blades and the cold of the winter that had just ended

She wore the narrow red belt of the Young People's League tied tightly round her overalls

On the walls were the red flags of the Young People's League and the Spies and a full sized poster of Big Brother

Both were dressed in the blue grey and red uniforms of the Spies

The whiteness and the bright red lips

Her lips were red her face was smooth there was even something under her eyes to make them brighter

O'Brien took a bottle and filled three glasses with dark red liquid

His face went red, and he seemed only just able to stop himself hitting me

I'll need it from the 31st of January Right Mr Jones I'm getting a couple of quotes coming up on the computer now company and the best bet looks like being with a company called Red Flag

Day Nine is much easier,with part of the day spent in a village where they make some of the gorgeous red blankets

Mrs Reed said calmly, Take her away to the red room and lock her in there

As soon as we arrived in the red room, I became quiet again, and the two servants both started scolding me

The red room was a cold, silent room, hardly ever used, although it was one of the largest bedrooms in the house

And so I spent that whole long afternoon in the red room asking myself why I had to suffer and why life was so unfair

Silence! Control yourself! She pushed me, resisting wildly, back into the red room and locked me in

Yes, you became ill in the red room, but you'll get better, don't worry, Miss Jane, she answered.

Fortunately I suffered no serious illness as a result of my terrible experience in the red room,

But John Reed knocked me down and my aunt locked me in the red room, I cried.

Who what is that girl with red hair, with curls, madam, with curls everywhere?

And so I told her the whole story of my lonely childhood with the Reed family, and of my terrible experience in the red room.

Last night — his words, his look, his voice! And my cheeks were red as I thought of those precious moments.

That night I only slept a little, dreaming of the red room at Gateshead.

You see, Miss, said the first gardener, these roses are white, but the Queen only likes red roses,

Then she saw the white roses, and her face turned red and angry.

An enormous red tooth came out of his mouth, under his nose.

The Queen gave him a little book, and some red flowers, before she left.

One had a red body in front, and a brown back.

The cold inside him made his eyes red, and his thin lips blue, and his voice high and cross.

Who cares? What's he done with his money? asked a red faced gentleman.

It's difficult to work by candlelight. And I don't want to show red eyes to your father when he comes home.

Questions, questions, questions! The trial went on, and finally, a small, red haired man spoke.

Are you quite sure that the prisoner is the man you saw? Mr Stryver asked the red haired man.

I'd always be able to recognize him. The red haired man was very confident.

And the red haired man said not another word.

Miss Pross had red hair and a quick, sharp voice, and seemed at first sight a very alarming person.

There was a wild, shouting crowd around it, busy sharpening their knives and swords and axes, which were already red with blood.

I wiped my red eyes. I had never felt more alone.

In the morning, my eyes were red and swollen.

Beautiful high bushes covered with bright red flowers stood on either side of us.

Flowers filled the room, glowing blood, red flowers.

There was something strange about him. He had small, stupid looking eyes. His face was fat and round and he had thick, red lips.

She stopped, her face rather red. I heard myself saying, Rebecca must have been a wonderful person

He was a big, handsome man, but his face was red and his eyes were a hard blue. His breath smelt of whisky.

I walked back to the dressing table and looked at my white face and red eyes in the mirror.

The fireworks rose into the sky and turned into stars and flowers. The sky was red and gold.

The shutter was folded back. She turned to me and I saw that her eyes were red with crying.

His eyes were red. I wondered if he had been drinking.

Frank went out quickly. Favell laughed angrily. His face was very red.

I went on watching the sky. It was still getting lighter. A blood, red light was spreading across the sky.

But the sky in front of us was full of dreadful light. And the light was red, red like blood.

The amber light came on. Two of the cars ahead accelerated before the red light appeared.

With a rapid movement, what was in sight has disappeared behind the man's clenched fists, as if he were still trying to retain inside his mind the final image captured, a round red light at the traffic lights.

He was puzzled that they should still be at a standstill, Why aren't we moving, he asked, The light is on red, replied the other.

From now on he would no longer know when the light was red.

No, it was on the street when I was stationary at a red light, some person brought me home, the car was left in the next street,

The blind man explained that he was in his car, waiting for the red light to change when suddenly he could no longer see,

He was most careful to obey the traffic lights, under no circumstances to go when the light was red, to respect the amber light, to wait patiently for the green light to come on.

The Red River runs through Fargo.

As the Red River rose higher, people became very afraid.

When that time comes, go to the men s houses in the village and take some of their Red Flower.

The Red Flower was fire. All animals are afraid of it and do not call it by its name.

I am a man, and to show you, I have brought the Red Flower with me.

You burnt his coat with the Red Flower.

The horizon was tinged with red, and suddenly the sun appeared.

The alchemist opened a bottle and poured a red liquid into the boy's cup.

There were also precious stones, gold masks adorned with red and white feathers, and stone statues embedded with jewels.

There is a thin, red line on his neck.

He will be telling us about the plan to improve the fast growing suburb of Red Hill.

We think it's very important to separate the local residential streets from the main road. So the roadway at the entry to Thomas Street from Days Road will be painted red.

The whole place has been given a new minimalist look with the company's signature colours of black and red.

Yes, I don't take red meat. No red meat.

If we get a good immune response and there are no safety red flags by the end of December 2016, we should know if it's okay to move on to phase two.

Walking down another street, Underneath the red lights, I am watching where the shadows fall,

I'm telling you, Don't look back, women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to take your heart away,

I'm telling you don't look back, women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to steal your heart away,

I'm telling you, Don't look back, women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to take your heart away; ,

I beg you don't look back, Women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to steal your heart away, ,

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek,

The lady in red, the lady in red, The lady in red, my lady in red, I love you

So the little girl went on with her little naked feet, which were quite red and blue with the cold.

They shouldered arms and looked straight before them, and wore a splendid uniform, red and blue.

and the stork went about on his long red legs, and chattered Egyptian,

She's the grandest of all here; she's of Spanish blood that's why she's so fat; and d'ye see? she has a red rag round her leg;

then he gobbled and grew quite red in the face.

Piff! paff! resounded through the air; and the two ganders fell down dead in the swamp, and the water became blood red.

she was so poor, and in winter wear very large wooden shoes, which made her little insteps quite red, and that looked so dangerous!

In the middle of the village lived old Dame Shoemaker; she sat and sewed together, as well as she could, a little pair of shoes out of old red strips of cloth;

On the very day her mother was buried, Karen received the red shoes, and wore them for the first time.

And Karen believed all this happened on account of the red shoes,

she had neither a train nor a golden crown, but splendid red morocco shoes.

Nothing in the world can be compared with red shoes.

In the midst of the shoes stood a pair of red ones, just like those the princess had worn.

Yes, they shine! said Karen, and they fitted, and were bought, but the old lady knew nothing about their being red,

else she would never have allowed Karen to have gone in red shoes to be confirmed.

it seemed to her as if the old figures on the tombs, those portraits of old preachers and preacherswives, with stiff ruffs, and long black dresses, fixed their eyes on her red shoes.

and the organ pealed so solemnly; the sweet children's voices sang, and the old music directors sang, but Karen only thought of her red shoes.

In the afternoon, the old lady heard from every one that the shoes had been red, and she said that it was very wrong of Karen, that it was not at all becoming,

The next Sunday there was the sacrament, and Karen looked at the black shoes, looked at the red ones looked at them again, and put on the red shoes.

At the church door stood an old soldier with a crutch, and with a wonderfully long beard, which was more red than white,

And all the people in the church looked at Karen's red shoes, and all the pictures, and as Karen knelt before the altar,

and raised the cup to her lips, she only thought of the red shoes,

She looked at the old lady, who could not recover, she looked at the red shoes, and she thought there could be no sin in it;

she put on the red shoes, she might do that also, she thought. But then she went to the ball and began to dance.

for there was a face; but it was the old soldier with the red beard; he sat there, nodded his head, and said, Look, what beautiful dancing shoes!

Then she was terrified, and wanted to fling off the red shoes, but they clung fast;

Dance shalt thou! said he, dance in thy red shoes till thou art pale and cold!

But strike off my feet in the red shoes! And then she confessed her entire sin, and the executioner struck off her feet with the red shoes,

Now I have suffered enough for the red shoes! said she; now I will go into the church that people may see me!

And she hastened towards the church door: but when she was near it, the red shoes danced before her, and she was terrified, and turned round

And away she went boldly; but she had not got farther than the churchyard gate before she saw the red shoes dancing before her;

Her soul flew on the sunshine to God, and there no one asked after the Red Shoes.

It was not quite dark; the northern lights shot forth red and blue flames, like continuous fireworks,

The red hips gleamed on the hedges, and the starling which hung in the green cage outside the window of the peasant's hut, which was his home, whistled the tune which he had taught him.

Yes, we'll tan your hide for you till the red broth runs down. Out of the town with him!

But the tulips stood more stiffly than ever, their faces were pointed and red, because they were vexed.

The bird's body was placed in a pretty red box; they wished to bury it with royal honours.

In this spot the poor sick boy would sit warming himself in the sunshine, and watching the red blood through his delicate fingers as he held them before his face.

He did not know whose closed eyes were there, nor what red lips were fading beneath the earth.

The lady birds, with red and black shells on their backs, and delicate wings, were flying about, and one of them said,

and beneath them what a profusion of luxuriant green, and of flowers red like flame, yellow as amber, or white as new fallen snow!

and above, and all round, were hundreds of red, blue, and white tapers, which were fastened on the branches.

The pea blossom pleased him most of all; she was white and red, graceful and slender, and belonged to those domestic maidens who have a pretty appearance, and can yet be useful in the kitchen.

Now, that's human deaths. They claim that half of this figure would be because we no longer eat red meat,

imagined him all red and ermine on the Bench or directing a stern and momentous enterprise in some crisis of public affairs.

She paused a moment. But now, she said, artists had come here. There indeed, only a few paces off, stood one of them, in Panama hat and yellow boots, seriously, softly, absorbedly, for all that he was watched by ten little boys, with an air of profound contentment on his round red face gazing, and then, when he had gazed, dipping; imbuing the tip of his brush in some soft mound of green or pink.

You're bright red in the face, you've got tears streaming down your face. And you nearly choked on a glass of water!