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but just look at the part on the research methodology how they did it

where he discusses the research results And lastly there's Forster

Come on Rosa This is only a practice It's not meant to be real research is it

Sample Surveys in Social Science Research I think By Mehta

there's been far more research on conventional crime and far more data is available

recent research does suggest that there are some quite fundamental differences between men and women in their attitudes to economic matters

The research indicates that at present for women it takes a crisis to make them think about their future financial situation

Then research also suggests that women avoid dealing effectively with their economic situation because of a lack of confidence

and has involved scientists from many different countries who work together on research stations

our Antarctic research programme has several summers only stations and two all year round ones

The research stations are really self contained communities of about twenty people

As a marine biologist my own research was fascinating

but it's perhaps climate change research that is the most crucial field of study

There are an increasing number of opportunities for young people to work for a period in Antarctica not only as research assistants in projects like mine

At Rexford we have a strong research capability

We came 7th out of 101 universities in last year's research assessment

Actually we got a top research grade of five for engineering geography and computer sciences One further point and I know from talking

and engineering research departments have unusually close relationships with industry in the area

Well to sum up there seems to be plenty of research going on into how to re use materials

At least doing the research made us much more careful

OK now Jet me give you an outline of what's available to you You'll find that the computet's are increasingly used as a research tool

Many students do most of their research on the internet and the library computers are permanently online

let's see The one on the Internet for beginners was last term it's finding research materials online

Returning to France I spent some months in a research into the coaltar derivatives which I conducted in a laboratory at Montpellier in the south of France

How's the research going, Philip?

There are lots of reasons but research has shown a lot of it comes down to personality.

we are fantastically lucky to have received partial research funding for this trip from our Institute

First in this seminar, I'm going to give a brief introduction to contemporary research on rock art, and in the second part I'm going to give you some do's and don'ts for our fieldwork trip in April

One is as a scientific base for expeditions and research and the other is as an information centre

Well the centre houses research programmes for New Zealand, for The United States as well as for Italy

And it was called the Polar Research Meeting

but according to recent research carried out by an international travel and public relations company, all is not well

The research suggests that even the most opulent, luxurious hotels seem to have underestimated the most basic needs of their customers

The company's research covered a whole range of different hotel types both independent hotels and those which are part of large chains

And the research concluded that what was outside the hotel building simply didn't matter

There are no lengthy departures in this theory or research.

The subsequent research I did and the online photographs made me even keener

Have you done any research on that? Yes.

Our remit is to give educational opportunities to the wider public as well as to offer research sites for a wide variety of agriculturists and other scientists.

In today's seminar, Grant Freeman, a biologist who specializes in identifying insects and who works for the Australian Quarantine Service, has come to talk to us about his current research work

Anyway, my current research involves trying to find a particular type of bee the Asian Honey Bee,

So far our research shows that Asian bees have not entered Australia in any number

I've been doing some research into what people in Britain think of doctors, the ones who work in general practice the first call for medical care and comparing th is with the situation in a couple of other countries

Now I had to set up my programme of research in three different countries

Certainly I will need to do more far reaching research than I had anticipated in order to establish if people want extra medical staff invested in the community

The years of research, the magic symbols, the strange words and the laboratory equipment… none of this had made an impression on the boy.

Now, there's been a lot of research into how companies can repeat their previous successes, and it certainly hasn't been confined to the United States.

We're going to get school children in the area to research a local story, the life of a local sports hero perhaps,

Good morning, everyone. I've been invited to talk about my research project into Australian Aboriginal rock paintings.

It was good though that we could work on our own topics when we wrote the research assignments.

How can I comment on someone else's research when they probably spent five years doing it?

I'll start by saying something about the background to the project, then talk a little bit about our research techniques, and then indicate some of our interim findings.

Alongside this primary research on urban gardens, we were studying a lot of books about the decline of wild animals in the countryside and thinking of possible causes for this.

Recent reports from the US non profit Institute for Women's Policy Research, or IWPR, find that Makkonen is having a similar experience to other student parents.

But the Brookings Institution research group said in a 2015 report that the program has limitations.

The Upjohn Institute for Employment Research reported that about 30 US communities have created similar programs.

He said the research will help improve the development of unmanned aircraft technology.

I think this is probably why women are better at multi tasking. Because you are, aren't you? There's a raft of research, but I know it from my personal life.

Their research has been used to design contracts.

The research called into question the policy of some privately run public services, like prisons.

that theory to which the most glorious objects of human research are indebted to the most glorious of illustration.

And these days, it's easy to do research online because many old paper documents have been digitised and are available online.

Eyewitness accounts can sound very convincing in court but in fact according to research, they are often unreliable.

One of our jobs as MPs is sometimes to question orthodoxies, so if this research is good then I want to know about it, and I will certainly look at it carefully.

He mentions that this type of research goes against orthodoxies, or generally accepted way of doing things.

And speaking of research, there was a question I need to know the answer to.

And a few inches round your waistline! Sadly, the research we'll be looking at today doesn't suggest you eat more chocolate but it does talk about bacteria!

Any research on humans?

Firstly they couldn't find evidence of the research that Microsoft quoted in their report.

And the answer if you believe the research is 2 point 42 hours per day so, pretty good guess there, Catherine. Thank you.

That comes from Chicago based research firm Dscout.

That's according to research from Oxford University.

In the research from Oxford University we mentioned earlier, scientists found that 8 million deaths per year could be avoided if the world went vegan.

We're going to be hearing about the research of Professor Alexander Todorov from Princeton University in the US.

Commenting on the research here is neuroscientist Dr Catherine Loveday from Westminster University. What did the Yale team find?

that is and has been one of the more positive aspects of the therapy research that we've seen.

No, it's actually 50 percent. The market research company ICN found that half of us here in the UK would prefer something different to the traditional funeral.

When you laugh, your body releases happy hormones And according to some research, people feel less pain as a result of having a good laugh.

They've done research where they make people laugh, and then test their pain levels afterwards.

you realise that it's those things that are incredibly difficult to get computers to do, and that's where the current cutting edge of research is.

Whereas it's cutting edge research to try and program a machine to do them.

Collaborative working, a research grant application, a potential blockbuster novel, and inevitably, someone distracted by kitten pictures on social media.

Is it a 2 point 3 million b 23 million or c 23 billion? I could sit in a cafe and use their free wifi to research the answer but I had a guess and said 23 billion.

Although research also highlighted that this age group tended to use their smartphones less than younger people.

Yes, I can see. And you're not alone. According to some research done by the website moneysupermarket dot com,

I only hope you don't get a pang of regret about your purchases when you get them home the research suggests that you will.

Dr. Sue's research suggests that the more oestrogen a person has, the better able they are to fight off the infection.