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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

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Now from where we're standing you've got a good view of the river over there

I've already pointed out the river which is on the left

I'd like to go to the Markets near the river too but oh no wait that's only in the mornings too

I want to sit by the river and watch the swans This city's famous for them

and what's now the East End the area by the river Thames

And as the East End was by the river ships could transport goods between there and foreign markets

If you have time there is a lovely walk down towards the River Dud well

and then continue along the River Walk through the woodland

Stop C is the area where, in the first century AD, invading soldiers crossed the river; this was much shallower than it is now

You are floating along a quiet river now, you don't see the water boiling at the foot of the great rocks,

Tellson's Bank in Paris was in a large building south of the river, close to the heart of the city.

He watched the moon rise in the sky, he listened to the sounds of the River Seine flowing through the heart of the city, and he thought calmly about the past, and the future.

One evening in December, 1757, I was walking by the River Seine and a coach stopped beside me.

As she crossed the bridge on the way to the church, she dropped the key of the locked room in the river and hurried on to meet Jerry Cruncher.

You can get control of your time and your life only by changing the way you think, work and deal with the never ending river of responsibilities that flows over you each day.

The Red River runs through Fargo.

This makes the river move very slowly.

The river was over twelve meters higher than usual!

As the Red River rose higher, people became very afraid.

The only way to stop this was to build a wall along the river.

Very good, said Mowgli. Tell me when he comes. Meet me at the river, by the big dhak tree with golden flowers.

But it was too late. He fell under the feet of the buffaloes, and they ran over him like a river running down a mountain.

For five years he had been working a certain river, and had examined hundreds of thousands of stones looking for an emerald.

Sometimes, there's just no way to hold back the river.

This has been public land for hundreds of years, and what you'll find interesting is that the River Ouse, which flows into the sea eighty kilometres away, has its source in the common.

There is a river rolling to the sea, You will be with her for all eternity,

And it looks like I'm heading for a night on the river, Under the moon and the stars;

Looks like I'm heading for a night on the river, Me and my beating heart, singing in the dark;

And it looks like I'm heading for a night on the river, Under the moon and the stars,

Could be I'm heading for a night on the river, Just me and my beating heart, singing in the dark;

I think I'm heading for a night on the river, Under the moon and the stars,

Could be I'm heading for a night on the river, But I see the lights of a car, shining in the dark,

We went down to the river, And we found a small cafe, They say that over in the corner, Sat the writer Ernest Hemingway,

That cold north wind they call La Bise Is swirling round about my knees, Trees are crying leaves into the river;

Bees are in the flowers, growing in the graveyard, And over the hill, where the river meets the mill,

On the other side of the wood was a great deep river.

And he took the chest with one hand, and lifted it up a little, as if he intended to throw it into the river.

I must make haste and throw him into the river, that he may be drowned.

It was a long way that he had to travel before he came to the river, and Little Claus was not too light to carry.

So he went to the river, which was deep and broad, threw the sack with the old drover in it into the water, and called after him, thinking that it was little Claus,

Yes, replied Little Claus, you threw me into the river less than half an hour ago.

And now I saw that the river formed a great highway for the people of the sea.

Down in its bed they walked and drove directly from the sea, and straight into the land, to where the river ends.

You heard me tell you that the sea maiden said, A mile farther along the road and by the road she meant the river, for she can't go anywhere else there is a whole herd of cattle for you.

no, the thing can be managed in a shorter way by coming here to the land, and driving across the fields towards the river again.

But I cannot carry you in the sack as far as the river; you are too heavy for me!

And so they went together to the river.

Plump! There lay Great Claus in the river, and sank at once to the bottom.

Have you ever had one, Dan? When I was 14 I fell out of a canoe into a river and got stuck between the boat and a rock with my head underwater.

when I was a river dried up you came to rain a flood