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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

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Well that's Silver it's the same as Gold except you have to pay a small fee of £100 per lesson for any you do

But if you could search out some silver paper to bring along to use in the sessions you know

On the table lay two banknotes for ten pounds each and seventeen pounds ten in silver and gold the money arranged in little piles of varying amount

Read it again, stupid! said a voice as sweet as a silver bell

Buttons, pencils, boots, silver spoons, some excellent bed curtains, blankets and a very good shirt, he added, feeling the fine cotton.

The teapot and kettle were of silver and the china was very fine.

Frith brought in the silver teapot and kettle. Then came the cups, the sandwiches and cakes. Everything was the same as yesterday.

The scabbard was embossed in silver, and the handle was black and encrusted with precious stones.

Servants came and went with silver trays laden with spices and tea.

They could no longer see the palms of the oasis–only the gigantic moon above them, and its silver reflections from the stones of the desert.

Revolutionaries wait For my head on a silver plate Just a puppet on a lonely string ? Oh who would ever want to be king

Upon the floor were found four Napoleons, an ear ring of topaz, three large silver spoons, three smaller of métal d'Alger, and two bags, containing nearly four thousand francs in gold.

Henri Duval, a neighbor, and by trade a silver smith, deposes that he was one of the party who first entered the house.

They are of copper: if you prefer silver, you must go into the second chamber.

And when he saw the silver money in the chest, he threw away all the copper money he had, and filled his pockets and his knapsack with silver only.

Now the Soldier threw away all the silver coin with which he had filled his pockets and his knapsack, and took gold instead

if he struck it twice, the dog who had the silver;

How beautifully soft the grass is, and what a lovely little flower with its golden heart and silver dress is growing here.

The yellow centre in the daisy did indeed look like gold, while the little petals shone as brightly as silver.