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In fact much of it would be wasted on children so I suggest you leave them at home

Yeah exactly Do we suggest an amount Or does it seem a bit unfair

recent research does suggest that there are some quite fundamental differences between men and women in their attitudes to economic matters

Also you could help by contacting the voluntary staff at our offices they'll be able to suggest activities you could organize to bring in funds for us

and I want you to take Box Telecom as an example and suggest some ways in which they might overcome their problems

Oh that's good Did she suggest anything in particular

I wouldn't suggest that you change anything there

What I suggest you do is try the library again this time apply for it through the service called special loans

I suggest you spend a good hour wandering around this lovely building

There are many different ways of getting round the city and we'd like to suggest some you may not have thought of

But Miss Pross was still worried. A second coach leaving from the house might suggest an escape.

Then I suggest that you have your costume made in London, Madam.

Sleep experts suggest that you try to go to bed at the same time every night.

Well, I agree it's interesting, but it's not immediately relevant to your proposal, Sandra so at this stage, I suggest you focus on other considerations.

Well, I don't intend to suggest that it's easy to get things right the second time it's not.

The paintings of the Yam tradition also suggest that, during this time, the Aborigines moved away from animals as their main food source and began including vegetables in their diet, as these feature prominently.

It gets very crowded on Sundays, so I suggest you visit it on a quieter day, later in the week, but not on Thursdays which is market day you won't find anywhere to park and it's also the only day of the week when they're not open!

And a few inches round your waistline! Sadly, the research we'll be looking at today doesn't suggest you eat more chocolate but it does talk about bacteria!

They suggest that up to a thousand billion dollars a year would be saved

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