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But the pride of Travelite is the level of guidance and support we offer on our walks

Don't expect anyone else to support you

I don't think I could afford to support myself with no salary for a whole year

I mean I'd have to support myself without pay for each module

so they need money to support them during this time

I'll be giving our contact details at the end if anyone would like to find out more about how to support us

Now there are many ways in which you can support the work of Pedal Power not just by taking a bike to a collection in your area

which will lead to government organizations also giving us regular financial support something that we really need

Here science and technical support have been integrated in a very cost effective way

I thought student support was excellent

Yes your tutor will need to arrange with the technical support team for you to get a password

But those four miles were like an ocean, which I could not cross! Don't tell Edgar or Catherine this, but I had hoped to find a friend at Wuthering Heights, someone to support me against Heathcliff

You are still strong, sir, and young plants need the strength and safety of a tree to support them.

The solution may well be something that can be easily implemented by those responsible in local government, with centralgovernment support of course

And in fact I didn't need to apply. My parents had been saying that as I already had a job, I ought to support myself through college.

You could also try a service called Student Support.

Makkonen says the main problem is student parents do not receive the type of support they need.

Makkonen's family and friends support her however they can.

Some schools are aware of the challenges student parents face and offer programs to support them.

But her parents did not support the idea of her returning to school.

she needed a place that could provide additional support for her family.

The university has been providing support to parents for over 40 years.

Courson says universities must do all they can to support both parents and children.

It is stupid nonsense to allow yourself to shoot out in this way; we are not here to support you.

I had but the two children, and it was not an easy thing to support both of them;

A movement meaning a group of people working together to support an idea?

The first word we had was: movement a movement is a group of people working together to support an idea.

Yep! Can you think of any other places that dogs are used to support humans?

Now, with up to a third of the planet estimated to be arid which means dry and unable to support crops

Arid describes land that is too dry to support many crops or plants.

But arid regions can sometimes support livestock livestock means farm animals.

A bias is when you support something or someone in an unfair way, because of your preferences or beliefs.

Football fans often wear the tribal colours of the team they support some paint their faces too.