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Then there's a London trip on the sixteenth of February

and there's no extra charge for that or on a fishing trip That's an extra 12$ I think

One way or Yes that'll be fine, provided I can book the return trip once I'm there.

OK. Well, that seems to be everything. Have a good trip and we'll see you in Toronto next week

we are fantastically lucky to have received partial research funding for this trip from our Institute

First in this seminar, I'm going to give a brief introduction to contemporary research on rock art, and in the second part I'm going to give you some do's and don'ts for our fieldwork trip in April

And we'll talk more about it next week! Now before I invite you to join in a discussion in this second part of the seminar, I'd like to make some very important points about our fieldwork and in fact any field trip to look at rock art

How about a city trip by boat?

At the furthest point of the trip, stop D, the most exciting place to visit is the new Entertainment Complex

Then, fumbling, stumbling, skirting the furniture, treading warily so as not to trip on the rugs, he reached the sofa where he and his wife watched television.

If you could take a trip to any place, where would you go? A warm, sunny beach? A famous city? A beautiful mountain?

But what if you could take a trip out of this world? What about a trip into space?

Since then, six other people have taken a similar trip.

Each trip took about ten minutes.

The trip used to take ten and half hours.

The one you're submitting for the Geography Society field trip competition

No? Well, I thought that from the perspective of a field trip, one thing I needed to focus on was the sandstone plateaux and cliffs themselves

I think an indication of what the students on the trip could actually do when they get there should be far more central so that certainly needs to be included and to be expanded upon.

And I know the Soul of the World, because we have talked at great length to each other during this endless trip through the universe.

I began to develop larger scale models of locomotives but we didn't think anything more of it until I went on a trip to a theme park near Birmingham and decided we could do a much better job!

You know, this trip has really blown me away by the, the talent of the entrepreneurs and developers in this country and by the focus on building something that's gonna make a difference and gonna make a change.

OK, well before we go further, let's take a trip around a bookshop in Manchester to find out which self help books are selling well.