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Now from where we're standing you've got a good view of the river over there

The view is supposed to be spectacular

What was the most useful aspect of the project from the point of view of the English practice

Sea View Guest House 14 Hill Road

But why are we here Because it commands so excellent a view of that picturesque pile

The room, and the view, and the two people, seemed so calm that I did not want to disturb them

Well, here we are at the top of The Tower, and we're going to look at the view from each direction Out to the east

As the master entered the house, he had a full view of us three

I decided to approach from the front, to get the best view of the house.

Oh, nothing much, said Maxim. They have been getting the rooms in the east wing ready for us. There is a lovely view of the rose, garden from there.

while he, his head lowered so that the driver would not see his eyes through the rear view mirror, could not stop asking himself how it was possible that such a terrible tragedy should have befallen him,

Well, in that case we could sit right at the front we'd have a really good view.

The area was swirling in dust so intense that it hid the moon from view.

But the boy sat down and waited. Not until the moon was high did the alchemist ride into view.

Well, from the studentspoint of view, we would like to keep it.

The one minute 40 second video shows a bright object coming into view.

And the second is academic ability, which has really come to dominate our view of intelligence, because the universities designed the system in their image.

We need to radically rethink our view of intelligence.

Paul Dumas, physician, deposes that he was called to view the bodies about day break.

Alexandre Etienne, surgeon, was called with M. Dumas to view the bodies. Corroborated the testimony, and the opinions of M. Dumas.

To look at a star by glances to view it in a side long way, by turning toward it the exterior portions of the retina

The lower portion of the other is hidden from view by the head of the unwieldy bedstead which is thrust close up against it.

She agrees that people can view cities as threatening places.

Next, let's hear from philosopher Julian Baggini with his view on eating the same thing every day.

We'll hear the view of one scientist today. But before that I have to ask an important question

But it was not that they minded, the children said. It was not his face; it was not his manners. It was him. his point of view.

That was the view, she said, stopping, growing greyer eyed, that her husband loved.