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At that time local craftsmen first built an iron forge just behind the village here on the bend in the river

when we allow freedom ring when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet from every state and every city

My neighbor had the only bicycle in the village whereas everyone else walked everywhere

Joseph told me to fetch the doctor, so I ran to the village, although I knew it was too late

And then some basic rules to guide you we'll have our own camp near a village, but remember never to camp on a site if you go on your own

Day Nine is much easier,with part of the day spent in a village where they make some of the gorgeous red blankets

From our village she travelled by coach to the south, where she made her new home near London

One day when I saw him in the village, he said, I hear I've got a son, Ellen, whose name's Linton! I suppose Isabella wants me to hate him! She can keep him for the moment

Whenever I met Zillah, the housekeeper, in the village, I used to ask her about Linton

One day in January I had a free afternoon, as Adele was ill, so I decided to walk to Hay, a village two miles away, to post a letter for the housekeeper.

Taking one of the white roads, I eventually found a small village.

None of the village people could help me, and I could not bring myself to beg for food, although by now I felt weak and faint.

St John, their brother, was the vicar in the nearest village, Morton.

It will only be a village school. The girls will be poor and uneducated.

But I don't think you'll stay long in the village.

I had twenty village girls to teach, some of them with such a strong country accent that I could hardly communicate with them.

I took the coach, and after thirty six hours of travelling I got down at Thornfield village,

I ran back to the village to find answers to my questions.

Here they visited a small stone house, a long way from any town or village, where an old man and woman were singing Christmas carols, with their children and grandchildren.

Later that day, as the sun was going down, the same coach stopped in a village near the Marquis's castle.

Several villagers, in poor thin clothes, with thin hungry faces, were standing in the village square.

I passed you on the road just outside the village, said the Marquis.

Oh, he ran away down the hill outside the village.

This was Monsieur Gabelle, the Marquis's official in the village.

Why did people run out of the castle to the village as fast as they could?

I first saw Gaspard, said Jacques Five, holding on under the Marquis's coach as it drove into our village.

The soldiers brought him into the village and hanged him.

And they have left his body hanging in the village square, where the women go to fetch water, and our children play.

In the village where the Marquis had lived, and where Gaspard had died, life was hard.

One day a stranger came to him as he worked on the road outside the village.

Monsieur Gabelle called loudly for help, but the people in the village watched and did nothing to save the castle where the Marquis had lived.

He did not think that he would be in danger, as he had done everything he could to help the people of his village.

The roads were bad and every town, every village had its citizens with guns who stopped all travellers, asked them questions, looked at their papers, made them wait or threw them in prison, turned them back or sent them on their way.

My sister loved a man in our village; he was sick, but she married him to take care of him.

In the village near him the people are angry

What am I going to do, he asked himself. The shed where he had to take the car was far away, in a village outside the city, and in his present frame of mind, he would never get there.

When that time comes, go to the men s houses in the village and take some of their Red Flower.

and he ran through the jungle to the village.

So the time has come already, he thought, and hurried to the village.

He ran until he came to a village in a place with many rocks and narrow valleys.

Mowgli walked on until he came to the village.

When a man came out of the village, Mowgli opened his mouth to show that he wanted food.

The man ran back into the village and came back with a hundred other people.

So he climbed out of the window, and went to sleep in a field near the village.

Once, when Buldeo, the village hunter, told a story about a tiger, Mowgli had to hide his face because he was laughing.

He s going to wait for you at the village gate this evening.

The other herd boys, who were watching a long way away, ran back to the village with the news.

It was Buldeo, the village hunter.

Listen, boy! shouted Buldeo. I am the village hunter, and I will take the coat, and keep all the money.

Now we must hide this and take the cows and the buffaloes back to the village, said Mowgli.

But when Mowgli came near the village, there was a crowd of people waiting for him at the gate.

But for the past few days he had spoken to them about only one thing: the girl, the daughter of a merchant who lived in the village they would reach in about four days.

He had been to the village only once, the year before.

During the two hours that they talked, she told him she was the merchant's daughter, and spoke of life in the village, where each day was like all the others.

And now it was only four days before he would be back in that same village.

People from all over the world have passed through this village, son, said his father.

It was a very remote village and some of them were reluctant to speak to me

In the middle of the village lived old Dame Shoemaker; she sat and sewed together, as well as she could, a little pair of shoes out of old red strips of cloth;

The daughter of the village blacksmith, who was young and fair, stood at the well, drawing water.

There lived two men in one village, and they had the same name each was called Claus;

She reached the entrance of the village, and saw the young laboring men and maidens standing together chatting, and her own mother amongst them.

No, nothing, he murmured. He should have been a great philosopher, said Mrs Ramsay, as they went down the road to the fishing village, but he had made an unfortunate marriage.