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It teaches them about how white light or ordinary light is made up

but the heaviest shark caught in Australia was a White Pointer

but the heaviest shark caught in Australia was a White Pointer

This note was a promise that all men yes black men as well as white men would be guaranteed the "unalienable Rights" of Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people for many of our white brothers as evidenced by their presence here today have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny

I have a dream that one day down in Alabama with its vicious racists with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers I have a dream today

we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children black men and white men Jews and Gentiles Protestants and Catholics will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual

Of course 5p a sheet for both A4 and A3 black and white copies and 40p a sheet for color

With a snarl of contempt he turned upon his heel and I saw his curved back and white sidewhiskers disappear among the throng

To my astonishment it was none other than my strange old book collector his sharp wizened face peering out from a frame of white hair and his precious volumes a dozen of them at least wedged under his right arm

He was dressed in the seedy frockcoat of the book merchant but the rest of that individual lay in a pile of white hair and old books upon the table

Holmes looked even thinner and keener than of old but there was a dead white tinge in his aquiline face which told me that his life recently had not been a healthy one

It was an enormous white building three hundred metres high

You could see the white roof high above the houses even a kilometre away

It was a thin clever face with its white hair and small beard but there was something unpleasant about it

His hair was almost white but the rest of his face looked surprisingly young

Enemies say that black is white they tell lies

But Party members say that black is white because the Party tells them to and because they believe it

Mr Charrington still had his old jacket on but his hair which had been almost white was now black

He was in a high ceilinged windowless cell with white stone walls

A man in a white coat came into the room and put a heavy machine behind his head

Then he turned to the man in the white coat

Heathcliff dropped his candle and stood without moving, his face as white as the wall behind him

Nonsense, Ellen! Guess what we saw when we looked in at their sitting? room window? A very pretty room, with soft carpets and white walls

The tall blue and white building in front of us is called The Tower and is the centre point for the formal gardens

Dr White said three per hour So about twenty minutes?

Well Dr White said we shouldn't go into that sort of detail

Dr White said he wanted us to use plenty of visuals and things and we might as well try them out when we're not being assessed

Look at that white skin and fair hair! Mr Edgar's sent you his daughter instead! God! What a beautiful creature! laughed Heathcliff scornfully

His handsome face shone with pleasure, and his eyes often left the book to look at the small white hand that lay on his shoulder

My dear, don't mention governesses to me! cried Lady Ingram, holding a white hand to her forehead.

The smile froze on Mr. Rochester's lips, and his face went white.

It was the middle of summer, and every day the sun shone on the green fields, the white, baked roads, and the cool, dark woods.

We'll live happily and innocently together in a little white house I have in the south of France.

The moonlight shone into my bedroom, as it did then, and I saw a vision on the ceiling, a white figure looking down on me.

Lonely white roads stretched across the great, wide moors as far as the hills.

Taking one of the white roads, I eventually found a small village.

I allowed myself to imagine again the life I could have had with him in his little white house in the south of France.

A vision in white, with a young, girlish figure, was standing beside him.

Goodbye! he said in a low, hollow voice, his face as white as a sheet.

I've got it written down. It's always better to have facts in black and white.

She was still sitting and thinking when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran past her.

She could see the White Rabbit, who was hurrying away and still talking to himself.

and she could not see the White Rabbit anywhere.

Oh dear, oh dear! It was the White Rabbit again.

He was hurrying down the long room, with some white gloves in one hand and a large fan in the other hand.

She was wearing one of the Rabbit's white gloves.

But after a while the White Rabbit came past again, looking for his white gloves and his fan.

You see, Miss, said the first gardener, these roses are white, but the Queen only likes red roses,

Then Alice saw the White Rabbit, and behind him, the Knave of Hearts.

Then she saw the white roses, and her face turned red and angry.

Alice saw that the White Rabbit was by her side.

Soldiers stood all around the Knave of Hearts, and near the King was the White Rabbit, with a trumpet in one hand.

Then the White Rabbit called out loudly, Silence! The trial of the Knave of Hearts will now begin!

Then the White Rabbit blew his trumpet three times, and called out, First witness!

The Hatter's face turned white.

He turned to the White Rabbit.

The King looked worried and told the White Rabbit to call another witness.

Alice watched while the White Rabbit looked at the names on his piece of paper.

and now the jury willYour Majesty! said the White Rabbit, jumping up in a great hurry.

It put white frost on his old head, his eyebrows and his chin.

It was very cold in the cupboard, and Bob had to wear his long white scarf to try to keep warm.

But there in front of him was Marley's face, white and ghostly, with terrible staring eyes.

It had long, white hair, but its skin was soft and young.

It wore a short, white robe, covered with both summer and winter flowers.

So Martha hid herself, and in came Bob in his thin coat and long white scarf, with his son Tiny Tim in his arms.

The mother and her daughters were making a small white cotton shirt together, while the usually noisy young Cratchits sat silently in a corner, and Peter was reading a book.

Bob's face went white.

Her face was white and her hands trembled.

A thin, white haired man was sitting on a wooden seat.

While Jerry waited, he looked around at the crowd inside the Old Bailey and noticed a young lady of about twenty years, and her father, a gentleman with very white hair.

His hair was white, but his eyes were bright and he stood straight and strong.

Oh, Monsieur, he was white from head to foot. All covered with dust. Just like a ghost.

The Doctor's face was white, but he was calm.

Four terrible and violent hours. Then a white flag appeared above the walls and the gates were opened.

Here, the hard light of the sun shines on white walls.

There was a special table and a snow, white cloth to cover it.

Below me I could see green lawns and the sea. The sea was bright green, with white, topped waves.

Maxim looked white and ill. Had Beatrice said something to make him angry? I could not remember.

The flowers were pink, white and gold. They were things of beauty and grace.

We stood still, not speaking. I looked down at the clear white flowers. Maxim picked up a fallen flower and gave it to me.

In the bay was a green and white buoy, but no boat.

Maxim's face was white. His eyes had a dark, lost look. I took his hand and held it tight.

The small table was put near the fire and covered with the white cloth.

I remember her on the night of the Ball. She had a cloud of dark hair. Her skin was very white. And she had such a lovely dress.

The white and green buoy was still there.

I could tell that he was very angry. His face was white and his mouth hard.

I have always liked the picture of the girl in white, Mrs Danvers went on in the same friendly way.

There was Giles in his white Arab costume. Beatrice was wearing a long green dress. Frank was dressed as a sailor.

Maxim stared up at me. His face was completely white. Something was wrong. Why was Maxim looking like that?

I walked back to the dressing table and looked at my white face and red eyes in the mirror.

I put the white dress and the wig back into the box. I never wanted to see them again.

I knew her well. I knew her tall, slim figure, her small face and clear white skin.

There were dark shadows on her white face. You've done what you wanted, Mrs Danvers, I said.

She pushed me towards the open window. I could see the stones of the terrace below. Beyond the terrace was a white wall of fog.

We listened, staring into the white fog together. And then we heard the sound of footsteps on the terrace below us.

Maxim went very white. Favell stared at Mrs Danvers as though he did not understand her.

I did not say anything. It was all over. There was no need for Maxim to look so white and troubled.

The people who were waiting began to cross the road, stepping on the white stripes painted on the black surface of the asphalt,

Seen merely at a glance, the man's eyes seem healthy, the iris looks bright, luminous, the sclera white, as compact as porcelain.

Well I see everything white, That little woman was probably right, it could be a matter of nerves, nerves are the very devil,

It was as if there were a white wall on the other side.

and he, as if wanting to say with other words, That's the least of my worries, murmured, I see everything white, and he gave a sad smile.

What do you mean nothing, Nothing, I always see the same white, it's as if there were no night.

doctor, all of a sudden, he says he sees everything white, I have no idea what happened,

it often happens, we are still asleep and external sounds are already penetrating the veil of unconsciousness in which we are still wrapped up, as in a white sheet. As in a white sheet.

and then a man had accompanied him home because he could not manage on his own, I see everything white, doctor.

he says he sees everything white, a kind of thick, milky whiteness that clings to his eyes,

this blindness is white, precisely the opposite of amaurosis which is total darkness unless there is some form of white amaurosis, a white darkness, as it were,

Having ended his conversation, the doctor leaned back in his chair, remained there for a few minutes, then rose to his feet, removed his white coat with slow, weary movements.

The blind man had categorically stated that he could see, if you'll excuse that verb again, a thick, uniform white colour as if he had plunged with open eyes into a milky sea.

A white amaurosis, apart from being etymologically a contradiction, would also be a neurological impossibility,

since the brain, which would be unable to perceive the images, forms and colours of reality, would likewise be incapable, in a manner of speaking, of being covered in white,

a continuous white, like a white painting without tonalities, the colours, forms and images that reality itself might present to someone with normal vision,

after twentytwo minutes she called out, Now, now, and when she regained consciousness she said, exhausted and happy, I can still see everything white.

They're probably white, he thought, to well up in his eyes and run over his temples, on either side of his face, now he could understand the fears of his patients, when they told him, Doctor, I think I'm losing my sight.

Take these, said the old man, holding out a white stone and a black stone that had been embedded at the center of the breastplate.

The black signifies yes, and the white no.

As a child in church, he had always looked at the image of Saint Santiago Matamoros on his white horse, his sword unsheathed, and figures such as these kneeling at his feet.

The sun began its departure, as well. The boy watched it through its trajectory for some time, until it was hidden behind the white houses surrounding the plaza.

He dressed in his Arabian clothing of white linen, bought especially for this day.

The boy approached the guard at the front of the huge white tent at the center of the oasis.

When he emerged, it was with a young Arab, dressed in white and gold.

an Arab dressed in white and gold, seated at the center of the semicircle.

Before him was an enormous white horse, rearing over him with a frightening scream.

He was reminded of the image of Santiago Matamoros, mounted on his white horse, with the infidels beneath his hooves.

When they reached the white tent at the center of Al Fayoum, they withdrew their scimitars and rifles.

At each corner of the camp were Arabs garbed in beautiful white robes, with arms at the ready.

There were also precious stones, gold masks adorned with red and white feathers, and stone statues embedded with jewels.

Our team colors are black and white. Cool.

Opera star Miss Zaza Dupont with her beautiful one million pound diamond ring the White Star.

The music. The beautiful White Star on her finger.

And they've got the White Star.

The box and the White Star fly across the room.

He puts the White Star around his neck.

Then he sees a big, white church.

Now he thinks, it s time to take off the White Star.

In the morning Zaza finds the White Star.

And there are lots of photos of Zaza with the White Star.

Yes, I forgot to mention that. You need to wear a white shirt, just a plain one, and dark trousers.

Pillows yes. If you look in the cupboard the large white one upstairs to the left of the bathroom door there should be four or five on the top shelf.

Dressed in simple white and wearing flowers in her hair, Music as she walks slowly to the altar,

The table was covered with a snowy white table cloth,

They were dazzlingly white, with long, flexible necks they were swans.

and from the thicket came three glorious white swans; they rustled their wings, and swam lightly on the water.

and the little princess stood in her fine white dress, in a window, and let herself be stared at;

At the church door stood an old soldier with a crutch, and with a wonderfully long beard, which was more red than white,

He wore long, white garments; he had wings which reached from his shoulders to the earth;

And the sun shone so clearly! and straight before her stood the angel of God in white garments,

And now the professor of botany presented himself, one who could explain his knowledge in black and white.

Then there came by an old drover with snow white hair, and a great staff in his hand

Upon that I fell; and immediately the sack was opened, and the loveliest maiden, with snow white garments and a green wreath upon her wet hair, took me by the hand, and said, Are you come, Little Claus?

One morning it had quite opened, and its little snow white petals stood round the yellow centre, like the rays of the sun.

It entirely forgot how beautiful everything around it was, how warmly the sun was shining, and how splendidly white its own petals were.

Each little blade of grass shall be a green tree for me, each of your white petals a fragrant flower.

and when the last bread crumb had been found and given, the gray wings of the bird became white, and spread themselves out for flight.

See, yonder is a sea gull! cried the children, when they saw the white bird,

as it dived into the sea, and rose again into the clear sunlight, white and glittering.

spreads out his great white wings, and flies with him over all the places which the child had loved during his life.

One shoot after another sprouted forth, and little white buds blossomed, which the poor girl fondly kissed.

And the jasmine opened its large white bells, and spread forth its sweet fragrance;

Now have we revenged the dead, said they, and flew back into the white bells of the jasmine flowers.

and beneath them what a profusion of luxuriant green, and of flowers red like flame, yellow as amber, or white as new fallen snow!

Sometimes, in winter, when the snow lay white and glittering on the ground,

and above, and all round, were hundreds of red, blue, and white tapers, which were fastened on the branches.

The pea blossom pleased him most of all; she was white and red, graceful and slender, and belonged to those domestic maidens who have a pretty appearance, and can yet be useful in the kitchen.

Well, a growing number of people from ethnic backgrounds are getting bored of all these white male superheroes they can't relate to.

And previous trends included colouring in these books have black and white outline pictures that you fill in with colours.

all the house; all the world; all the people in it, for he had slipped into his glass at lunch a few drops of something, which accounted, the children thought, for the vivid streak of canary yellow in moustache and beard that were otherwise milk white.