BBC 6 Minute English 2017


مجموعه آموزشي تهيه شده توسط بي بي سي که در هر قسمت از اين مجموعه موضوعات گوناگوني با لغات جديد توسط دو راوي مطرح شده و نيز گفتگويي کوتاه از افراد مختلف پخش مي شود. اين مجموعه شامل تمامي قسمتهايي است که در سال 2017 تهيه شده است.

تعداد فصول49
تعداد قطعات صوتی3142

پخش با زیرنویس

Title Length Play with Subtitle
01-What's your superpower 06:16
02-Life on the edge 06:15
03-Family history 06:17
04-Why do cities make us rude 06:14
05-Can you trust your own eyes 06:15
06-How romance ruined love 06:11
07-The alternative armed police 06:15
08-Life expectancy 06:17
09-Mermaids – fact or fiction 06:15
10-What your lunch says about you 06:16
11-The rise of the emoji 06:14
12-Dog detectors 06:13
13-Food and mood 06:15
14-Multiple careers 06:15
15-Sighing 06:15
16-Miraculous survival 06:14
17-How much food do you waste 06:15
18-Goldfish, brains and phones 06:19
19-Could you go vegan 06:18
20-Water burial 06:11
21-Is happiness genetic 06:14
22-Mindfulness 06:18
23-Built to fail 06:18
24-Faces and first impressions 06:22
25-Self help 06:14
26-How do pets navigate 06:16
27-You think you're invisible 06:18
28-How honest are we 06:16
29-It’s good to talk 06:16
30-Fancy dress funerals 06:17
31-What makes a video go viral 06:17
32-Would the world stop without clocks 06:17
33-Laughing could kill you 06:17
34-Uniforms 06:16
35-Having a row or asking for directions 06:17
36-The wonders of hair 06:17
37-What can’t computers do 06:17
38-Do adults exercise enough 06:18
39-Why pay for bottled water 06:18
40-What’s wetiquette 06:17
41-Too much sugar 06:17
42-Pedestrianisation-is it good for cities and towns 06:17
43-How do you like your coffee 06:16
44-Why more of us are getting fitter together 06:17
45-Do you need to upgrade your phone 06:17
46-What do you buy when you're sad 06:14
47-Should schoolchildren have jobs 06:14
48-The perfect Santa 06:14
49-Is ‘man flu’ real 06:15